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Creator’s Corner: Debbie Williams Uses Her Nutritional Expertise To Inspire And Transform Lives

Creator's Corner - Debbie Williams

Source: Debbie Williams / Debbie Williams

NAME: Debbie Williams

OCCUPATION: Board-Certified Nutritionist, Health, Beauty & Wellness Expert

LOCATION: Atlanta, Georgia (by way of The Bronx, New York)

HOW ARE YOU USING YOUR GIFT TO INSPIRE THE COMMUNITY? “When I think of elevating, I think of an elevator because it goes up. I’m originally from New York in The Bronx — lived on the 32nd floor! — so I know elevation everyday. Elevation means when you are taking your mind, body and everything else up to the next level. For me, I being a nutritionist, my goal is to elevate others; top take them up to the next level [on order to] understand your health and understanding your ‘whys.’ That’s mostly the question everyone wants to know: ‘Why am I sick? Why do I have high blood pressure? Why do I have diabetes? Why did I get cancer? Why do I have fibroids? What do I have hormone issues?’ In elevation, I’m going to elevate you to the next level where now we’re going to answer your ‘why.'”


We’ve all heard the saying “health is wealth” before; some of us even swear by the notion that “cleanliness is next to Godliness.” However, one person that brings truth, life and all sorts of wisdom to those generational phrases is nutritionist and wellness expert Debbie Williams. Board-certified and well-versed as a Holistic Practitioner, the New York native currently residing in Atlanta is your go-to girl when it comes to getting your mind and body right. Many began their journey with Deb sometime around 2015 when she launched Pure 7 Hair Care, a nutrient-rich line of products that’s been so successful that it’s now globally recognized. Actually, she’s had such a come-up as a Health & Wellness Coach that her expertise has made its way in front of audiences on ABC, FOX News, CBS, ESSENCE Magazine and many other major media platforms.

Her skills go beyond good hair care and skin, too; Debbie Williams identifies the underlying problems that cause hair breakage, skin breakouts, hair loss and many other cosmetic irregularities that could be a sign to deeper issues going on within the body. It was her sister’s battle with Lupus in the mid-2000s that spearheaded her drive to studying hair and scalp disorders, or in other words trichology. The burgeoning knowledge only elevated her trajectory to the top. Although she sadly lost her sister along the way, it was that initial battle with Lupus that sparked the fire in her that will always keep Debbie striving to be a positive pillar in the lives of others. On her path to holistic and naturopathic living, Williams found that the answer to many hair health issues is — surprise! — directly related to the chemicals we absorb through food. Thus, controlling your diet can lead to new growth, clear skin and all sorts of health benefits simply by viewing food as medicine. Heard you, Queen!


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