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Creator’s Corner: Dana Oliver Is Using Her Storytelling Gift To Uplift Black Women

Creator's Corner Dana Oliver

Source: Sarah-Liz / Dana Oliver

NAME: Dana Oliver

OCCUPATION / AFFILIATION: Beauty Expert, Editor & Writer, Beauty For Breakfast Founder

LOCATION: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (by way of New York City)


“I truly believe that my gift of storytelling is how I educate, enlighten and empower my community. I don’t take for granted these mega platforms that I have where I get to engage with Black women on a daily basis, knowing that even though I don’t consider myself to be an influencer, I understand just how much of an influence I have with the written word.”


What girl doesn’t like to look their best? For seasoned beauty editor Dana Oliver, it’s more like a dedicated lifestyle. Through her popular editorial platform, Beauty For Breakfast, the 15-year-and-counting pen game veteran has served women everywhere with tips of the trade, helpful style guides, product recommendations and niche-yet-need-to-know information like, for example, the best body mist for your gym bag in order to fend off “bacne.” Thankfully she’s a trusted source when it comes to things of this nature, be it her days as the Beauty Director over at Yahoo! or as the Senior Director of Content and Communications at StyleSeat. It was the former position though that saw her really coming into her own as a beauty expert, especially with her hands in launching the network’s Diversity in Beauty Awards as well as her interviews with famous faces like A-list actress Tracee Ellis Ross and tennis star Sloane Stephens, for example, in the My Beauty, My Way video series.

Her dedication to helping fellow women find their inner confidence through engaging beauty content is something that we here at ELEV8 can really get behind. Moving in a way very similar to how God intended us to treat one another, it’s clear that Dana is moving with His grace in mind and making sure anyone seeking her knowledge leaves with a better understanding of the beauty world. Luckily, she does it with her heart fully involved in the work and always with the intent of providing information women like her can utilize in their everyday lives. So, whether you’re a mommy dealing with postpartum hair loss, in search of a detox routine to prevent “maskne,” or want to debate the ethics of Black women reclaiming the word “nappy,” it really doesn’t get any better that what our girl Dana Oliver is putting out there.


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