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Creator’s Corner: Monica Coates Talks Breaking New Acts And Empowering Aspiring Artists

creator's corner - Monica Coates

Source: Monica Coates / Monica Coates

NAME: Monica Coates

OCCUPATION: A&R/Creative Music Executive

LOCATION: Nashville, Tennessee

HOW ARE YOU USING YOUR GIFT TO INSPIRE THE COMMUNITY? “The most fun part of my calling is the opportunity to reveal to people that they were designed by the eternal Creator, God Almighty, and designed with specific things in mind — gift and talents that would support their purpose in the Earth. I find that people sometimes suffer from a lack of enthusiasm and inspiration because they don’t believe that they have purpose. I’m really, really excited to encounter people and not only demonstrate to them that they have wonderful gifts and talents but also that the gifts and talents they have are targeted towards a specific divinely ordained purpose. There’s nothing more exciting for me than seeing people catch a vision for themselves and recognize they can move forward in that. It makes the world a better place.”


Year after year, or to be more accurate, day after day, aspiring musicians embark on the music industry with hopes of making a big mark on the Billboard charts and music fans worldwide. However, not every vocally talented chanteur or chanteuse is a Tasha Cobbs Leonard or Tye Tribbett off the rip. That’s where a little repertoire comes into play — A&R is what you might know it as. Entertainment Executive Monica Coates can tell you all about it; as the former go-to representative over at Motown Gospel, she knows a thing or two about breaking in new acts in the music industry. Whether she’s dropping the gems to success via Instagram or providing a take-home guide by way of her 2009 book, The Beginner’s Guide To The Gospel Music Industry, Coates is all about making sure aspiring artists under her wing have the knowledge to get ahead and have someone in their corner that will go to bat in order for them to win. Some of the projects she’s had a hand in developing in recent years include the Choirmaster series by Ricky Dillard, Hymns and its respective remix EPs released by the aforementioned Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Beautiful Scars by Merry Clayton, and Still by Brian Courtney Wilson, the latter which she also acted as executive producer. She’s no rookie, though; Monica’s creds date back to the early ’90s with classic projects like Deliverance by Fred Hammond, where she was an assistant producer, production administration on CeCe Winans’ 1998 album, His Gift, and even standing in as a compilation producer for WOW Gospel 2005.

Based on those impressive notches on her belt, it’s easy to see that Monica Coates keeps God on her side in everything that she does. It’s not only evident in the musicians she takes on as clients, but also in how she makes sure the masses are educated on how to apply the same dedication and work ethic in their own lives.


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