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Music is food for the mind, body, and soul. According to a Harvard Medical School article, music positively affects your well-being, learning, cognitive function, quality of life, and even happiness. This is because music activates almost all of the brain. When listening to music you especially love, your motor system starts up. The parts of the brain that controls emotions are also activated and synchronized. Needless to say, the type of music you listen to can affect your performance during daily activities. Lo-fi beats are great for studying. Instrumental jazz is ideal for relaxing. Throwback hits are a non-negotiable for Saturday morning cleaning sessions.

Your workout playlist is no different. You need tunes that keep your energy, focus, and motivation high. The lyrics in secular songs can compromise this. Gospel music, however, has the power to put you in a good mood, have you consistently praising, and reminds you of his promises and faithfulness.

Luckily, there is no shortage of Christian artists that have songs to keep you lively and driven to move during your workout without undermining your emotions or spiritual well-being.

Here are our Gospel workout music picks to add to your warm up, workout, and cool down playlists.

Warm Up

Mary, Mary – God In Me

Hulvey – Underdog Freestyle

Swaizy – Swivel

Kirk Franklin – Love Theory

Jor’dan Armstrong – You

Elevation Worship ft. Brandon Lake, Chris Brown, Chandler Moore – Praise

Tim Godfrey ft. Fearless Community, Anderson – Big God

Koryn Hawthorne – Won’t He Do It remix

Branden Anderson – God Did It Again (Tell Somebody)

Aaron Cole – One More Day

Limoblaze ft Lecrae, Happi – Jireh (My Provider)

Jordan Feliz – The King Is Alive

Isabel Davis – Confidence

Tasha Cobbs – Happy

Fred Hammond – We’re Hammond

Deitrick Haddon – God Is Good

Todd Dulaney – Your Great Name

Todd Galberth ft. Travis Greene – Joy Is Coming

Maverick City Music x Kirk Franklin – Kingdom

Anthony Brown – Blessings On Blessings


indie tribe – ACT

Red Tips ft. Miles Minnick – OOUUHH!!

Steven Malcolm – Cardio

Torey D’Shaun ft. nobigdyl – Catfish

Andy Mineo ft Lecrae – Comin’ In Hot

Miles Minnick – Show Out

nobigdyl. – What A Day

Christopher Syncere, Chris Soul – Up!

Mike Teezy – Bible Going Viral

116 – Still 40 Deep

Limoblaze ft. Emandiong – Desire

Fred Hammond – This is the Day

Torey D’Shaun – This Aint That

Michelle Sylvester ft Denise Plummer – Safe On The Inside

Torey D’Shaun ft. nobigdyl – Scam Likely

Mary Mary – Shackles

Elevation Worship – Won’t Stop Now

Maverick City Music – I Thank God

Ablaze – Work It Out

Wande, Porsha Love – Don’t Worry ‘Bout It

Cool Down

Guvna B ft. Travis Greene – You Never Let Go

Andy Mineo – …Falling?

Wande – Been Up

Coop – Never Fold

Anita Wilson – Jesus Will

Jonathan McReynolds – Your World

Stevie Rizo – I’ll Praise

Forrest Frank ft. nobigdyl. – All the Time

Kirk Franklin, Willie Neal Johnson – Lookin’ Out For Me

Tori Kelly – Never Alone

Evvie McKinney – Just Like God

Madison Ryann Ward ft. Benji – Prodigal

Maurette Brown Clark – Since He Came

Fred Hammond ft. Radical for Christ – Give Me a Clean HEart

The Walls Group – And You Don’t Stop

Scottie Wop ft. Fred Hammond, Lecrae – No Weapon

Mr. Johnson – He Knows My Name

Forrest Frank – God Is Good

Alex Jean – Forever In Faith

Alia Lara – Matthew 6:33

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