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While no one actively wants to struggle with suffering, as human beings, suffering is a normal occurrence that we all experience at some point in our lives. Although suffering is not linear, as children of God, it’s important that we remind ourselves that through our suffering, God is always on the sidelines working things out for our good. The first step in navigating life’s difficulties and embracing healing on your personal journey is first understanding who God is and what role he plays in your life. Once God is the firm foundation in your life, the suffering we endure presents itself as much more manageable.

The “Southside Rabbi” podcast featuring Christian Hip-Hop artist KB and writer, Amen, released an episode where the topic of discussion was “Who is God in my suffering?” A question that many seek to understand, KB broke it down by explaining the importance of the doctrines of grace, defined as the irreplaceable favor and love of God.

“The doctrines of grace gave me answers to that, which fed my soul,” KB said in reference to the question of who God is in his suffering. Despite our shortcomings and sin, God still shows he loves us and wants us to do good and that’s where the grace comes into place. “I saw that my election and God’s involvement, even in my suffering, my disadvantages, my injustices was still working was still working towards a greater glory that would result in praise and my formation into a beautiful thing in the kingdom of God.”


The Bible tells us that God is a comforter, a healer, and a redeemer. If God is said to be all of those things, then it’s our duty to trust that when we go through personal trials and tribulations, He will embody those descriptions and see us through.

When we are weak, God is strong. His perfect strength allows us to carry on regardless of what the situation may look like. Knowing who God is in the Bible sets you up to know who God will be in the good and the bad parts of your life. God didn’t say we wouldn’t experience storms throughout our lives, but he did say that he would be the peace that we long for in the middle of the storm.

When we make room for God, he continues to make room and pathways for us.