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Embrace Your Talents

Recognize and further develop your intelligence and special gifts. Our talents are signifiers that lead us toward our unique paths. Follow your passion and you will soon discover where you fit in this world. When we squelch innate yearnings we lose our way.

If you are like me, there are some things you may feel you do pretty well, and others not as well.  Each of us have certain skills and abilities.

Are you sitting on your talent?  Nurture your talent.  Share and / or volunteer your talent.  As a teacher, I am always a student which strengthens my talent.

You, too, have skills and abilities. You may not feel as if your “talent” is particularly great, but it may be better than you think! And with persistence, most skills can be improved. Besides, you may as well have no ability at all if you sit on whatever talent you possess!

We have hundreds of things going on in one day and never enough hours int he day. Never enough relaxing time to make up for that stress we all undertake. But in the midst of the chaos and the everything’s of everyday life, what really matters to you? What is important to you?

Michael Jordan knew what mattered to him. He was kicked off his very own high school basketball team because the coach said he had no talent, no skill and was worthless. Yet Michael Jordan didn’t let that stop him did he? No.He persevered and believed in himself and followed his own value system, thus making himself one of the most successful basketball player (using his skills and talents) and the most admired by young people (him giving back )

….this actually happens a lot to us in many other ways though doesn’t it…in life? There are times we just feel knocked down, kicked a round. But we have to just get back up. Dust ourselves off and move forward, because relishing and savoring every good moment in our life makes up for the challenges that occur.

Embracing your greatness…

Some people ask, “What ability do I have that is useful?”

Others ask, “How will I use the ability that I have?”

How are you embracing your talents?

Share your thoughts, leave a comment below.

Sending positive vibes – Robin

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