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MESA, Ariz. – On August 17, Bernando LaPallo turned 109 years old! This Mesa resident lives on his own, still drives and walks around just fine – it’s incredible, so I asked him to share some of his secrets.

Bernando eats primarily raw fruits, veggies and fish. Meat is a treat only once a year.

“This is my lifesaver, it keeps me I take it everyday since 1979 – I never miss.” said LaPallo.

He believes his clean lifestyle is why he’s still alive.

“Well, I don’t think I know that eating it’s what you eat, you’ve heard people say you are what you eat, well you are.”

Bernando reads daily, walks a mile and a half as soon as he gets up and his favorite product to use on his skin is olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil is an age old secret he’s practiced for years.

His faith is his foundation and his father his role model.

At 109, he’s a popular man. He consults people who are trying to change their life for the better and makes speeches around the country. He’s written one book, Age Less and Live More and is working on a second. His phone never stops ringing.

“I get calls from all over..Miami, Italy..I’m on TV in South America.”

I asked him if he thinks about his final days.

“I never gave dying any though. I still don’t. I know I’ve got to die. Everybody dies.” said Bernando.

So what’s next for a man who’s lived over a century?

He wants to open a restaurant here in the valley with raw foods on one side and healthy American food on the other. But on his birthday, he’s going to take a break from his busy days and celebrate another year of life.

Age Less, Live More

By Bernando LaPallo

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