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One of the genuine connections Terry McMillan has to her audience is she relates to them.  First of all, she’s a woman who’s experienced many of life’s ups and downs. 

Her fans admire her because she’s been able to express it through hit books such as “Waiting to Exhale” and “How Stella Got Her Groove Back.” She’s able to bring characters to life that we know in ours.  Ms. McMillan has been successful for making her books transition from the pages to the silver screen and have favorable results.  Professionally and personally, her life appeared to be great.  She introduced the world to her new young husband, Jonathan who she gushed over in interviews and lived life like it was golden.  As time progressed, news exploded on gossip sites and other media outlets that Terry and her husband were divorcing and he was gay. The reports were confirmed and  we saw the drama emotionally combust on the Oprah Winfrey show in 2005. 

You could see a hurt and angered McMillan confronting the man she once loved.  Terry once again connected with women all over the world displaying her bitterness and pain that many women have experienced or will experience in their life.  Even after that memorable Oprah episode, the couple battled in the courts but finally ended the feud and relationship.

Now Terry McMillan is back.  She has come full circle.  This week on the  Oprah’s show Terry and Jonathan reunited and addressed their previous interaction on the show and what state their relationship is now.  Terry said she was tired of feeling outraged.  She added that anger and bitterness are an emotional termite.  “You realize that it’s your happiness and your joy that you are sabotaging and that the other person has absolutely nothing to do with  it.” says McMillan.

Her new book, “Getting To Happy” was inspired by her breakup with ex-husband Jonathan.  She said, “I realized that there are a lot of women out here in America who are 40 and upward who have experienced betrayal and deception as well,” she says. “I was more concerned about women who are in my age group who allow this kind of devastation to just ruin their present.” She added that she’s moved forward and she’s still able to trust men.

Have you let someone hold you captive because they hurt you and you haven’t let go? Why? Getting to Happy is an important journey in your life.  Don’t waste any more time giving energy to people who don’t deserve it.  Let’s get going!

Read an except of Terry McMillan’s new book, Getting To Happy

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