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A few months back, the worship band leader at my church shared with the congregation an alarming dream he had had earlier in the week. He’d dreampt he’d been driving on a highway when a hostile car roared up behind him and rode his bumper for miles. Although he could not see the driver, he knew that both the car and driver were evil.

Sometime during his dream drive, the worship band leader realized that he needed to get over if he was going to make his exit. When he attempted to change lanes, however, the evil car sped up, blocking him. Undeterred, the dreamer persisted for miles, but could never overcome the hostile car.

Coming up fast on the road ahead was a cliff – a sheer drop that if the dreamer’s car went over it would mean certain death. Now the exigency of his situation intensified. So in his dream, the band leader became more determined and maneuvered more aggressively to change lanes. The other car, however, was relentless and matched him move for move. Exhausted and demoralized, the band leader accepted his fate and gave up trying to get over. As his car sailed over the cliff into the cavern below, he confessed to God that he was sorry he had failed.

In the sense that dreams make, the driver somehow knew to look into his rear view mirror. What he saw there astonished him. Unbeknownst to him, the entire length of his journey, a line of cars had been trailing him. Now as he plummeted to his death, so did they all. The Holy Spirit then spoke to his spirit in the dream and said something along the lines of “What about all those souls coming after you?”

Something about the fate of all those people who had been depending on his leadership caused the band leader in his dream to renew his determination to fight.

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