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Brandy thinks it’s an “outrage” that Bristol Palin will compete in the “Dancing with the Stars” finale over her.

What do you think?

The singer was shockingly eliminated from the ABC dancing show on Tuesday after being at the top of the leader board for several weeks. She was voted off in favor of the ex-Alaska governor’s daughter, a notorious leader board bottom feeder.

Though Brandy initially cried upon hearing the results, she spoke her mind on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” after the show.

“Earlier tonight our next guest was a victim of what can only be described as hurricane Bristol,” the host quipped.

The 31-year-old R&B star then emerged in a black sequined dress with her partner, a stone-faced Maksim Chmerkovskiy, by her side.

“This was an outrage what happened tonight, true?” Kimmel asked, adding that the perfect score they earned for their Argentine tango Monday night should have secured them a place in the finals.

While Maks and Brandy continued to smile, they nodded whole-heartedly in response to his query.

“Do you believe there is an organized Tea Party voting bloc?” he asked, referring to reports that Bristol’s mother Sarah has been instrumental in her success on the show.

“Maksim? You’re from Russia, right? You know about these blocs.”

While Maks smiled at the suggestion, he maintained a diplomatic stance.

“I think there’s definitely huge support for Bristol,” was all he said.

Sarah’s daughter and her partner Mark Ballas will face off with Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough and Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer next Monday to vie for the mirror ball trophy.

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