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Embrace the spirit  of the season.  As we greet this holiday season, allow it to be an excellent opportunity to grow spiritually.  Grow by learning how to be joyful without indulging in negative thoughts and activities that have negative side effects.  Connect with the playful magic that children exude in their spirit, during this time of year.

Each day becomes an opportunity to gently take note of what you are discovering about where you are on your spiritual path. For just a few moments each day, take notice of the lessons you are exploring. For some it is owning up to our anger and pain, admitting imperfections. For others it is being more compassionate with yourself and others, and for many it will be learning how to get ourselves back on track.

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To be a spiritual person means to keep your eyes open for how to become an even finer vessel in the future. This year’s holiday stresses will give you some valuable information–make sure you aren’t numbed out by food, drink, or shopping binges so that you can notice and build upon the insights you will be receiving at this often-advertised “most wonderful time of the year.”

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