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Russell Simmons new book Super Rich: A Guide To Having It All is his spiritual offering.  In the book he poses  the question, “What does it mean to be super rich?”

Russell makes humble reference to the motivation behind his new book: Oprah Winfrey’s amazing endorsement of his previous best selling book Do You and the reaction from people who told him how that book changed their lives. Russell refers to Do You as a selfish urge to download his spiritual studies for himself, thus, his surprise at the connection people had with the book. Super Rich goes deeper into the spiritual practices that have become more and more important to him as he matures.

Super Rich does not focus on Russell’s personal financial wealth but on his personal transformation through the practice of Yoga. The core message revolves around the fact that when you dedicate yourself to service and compassion (giving) rather than success and consumption (getting) and focus instead on the process rather than the results, you bring out the best in not only yourself but in the world as well.

Russell Simmons’ Super Rich shares his very personal transformation from a drug dealing, meat eating, overweight, insensitive hustler to the physically fit philanthropist, activist and multi-millionaire mogul through his practice of Yoga. He takes readers on a journey, shifting the perception of what people believe to be the definition of “super rich,” from material to spiritual riches.

Uncle Rush, Russell’s nickname, speaks in his raw, real talk slang. For example, he guides you through the meditation process and shares his tip on what he says to himself to meditate:

“Nigga, I don’t give a damn what you do or how much noise you make. Your ass is sittin’ here with me for twenty minutes whether you like it or not! This body ain’t moving.”

I appreciate that Russell takes the ancient practice and translates it to the language that is comfortable for him, the hip-hop mogul from the streets of Hollis, Queens, NYC. His heartfelt dedication to mastering and sharing the healing properties of meditation is inspiring.

Meditation provides him with profound mental moments of stillness as a byproduct of the physical benefits of Yoga. It has cured him of headaches and has calmed his nerves.

Spiritually, he is inspired through his education and understanding of the holy scriptures Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita. Super Rich is a user-friendly introduction for further spiritual exploration to attract prosperity.

Other highlights of the book include modern day examples of Super Rich spiritual principles in action: entertainment mogul Sean “Puffy” Combs and blockbuster filmmaker (Rush Hour / X-Men) Brett Rattner.  Russell’s explanation are tangible evidence that further connect spiritual principles, shifting focus from getting to giving. He also cites that entrepreneur/entertainer 50 Cents initially gave away his mix tapes for free. In each case, they went above and beyond, sharing their talent and being of service at the start of their careers, creating momentum and enabling them to receive a return of mega riches.

Being mindful that mega riches means being happy with the spiritual journey beyond the material accumulation. Stuff becomes a material burden if you are not happy with your spiritual life. He warns not to confuse the toys with happiness.

I’m sure some of you are wondering if this is Yoga, or did you think that Yoga was just twisting yourself up into a pretzel?  Russell opens you to the many aspects of Yoga, the physical practice being just one facet.  The book is a good introduction to the practice of Yoga including Yoga’s Eight Steps: Yama (non-violence), Niyama (focus), Asana (physical practice), Pranayama (breathing exercises), Pratyahara (control of the senses), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (union with the divine).  The physical practice helps to release the unconscious tension that gets stored in the body so that you can think clearly.  The clarity that a Yoga practice brings leads to the conscious compassion that Russell also explores in his book.

His testimonies of conscious compassion, have given him the strength to be a leading entrepreneur, philanthropist, and activist.  The passion he exudes will continue to gain momentum because he has no plans for ever slowing down.  As a “Business Yogi”, he conditions his mind, body, breath and spirit to remain connected to his youthful vitality and to be open to receive all gifts.

“They can kiss my old ass because I’m never going to cut myself off from the world”

Super Rich: A Guide To Having It All is a blueprint, from a pioneer thinker and doer, for the individual that is open to receive and allow themselves to spiritually evolve to attract riches that are beyond what is commercially hailed as valuable.

Written by Robin Downes of Yoga Flava

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