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5 Steps to Boost Your Spiritual Growth


Here is an important question, “Are you growing?”  I believe Jesus Christ died for us and in his dying he created for us the opportunity to become a better person.  Becoming a better person is about growing or improving in each area of your life.  It is about submitting to the Holy Spirit, yielding to the voice of God, and willingly obeying the Word of God.  I am excited for you because in this stage of your development you will discover how incredible God really is.  This discovery will come as you avail yourself to growing and as you willingly allow yourself to be shaped in the image of Jesus Christ.  I know that God has so much more for us and that only through our relationship with Jesus Christ can we be all we are capable of being.

Growing then must become something that you are open to and willing to do.  So here is advice I want to give you as it relates to personal development:

1.  Enhance your personal relationship with God through your devotional time and attendance to corporate worship.

2. Read, read and then read so more.  Expand your mind and grow your knowledge base, this will serve you well.

3.  Through your prayer time, seek an honest assessment as to how God sees you.

4.  Create relationships with persons who are growth oriented and show evidence of commitment to personal development and excellence.

5.  Finally, trust your process.  God has you on a pace to arrive somewhere.  Trust it and do not panic simply because your process is slower or more challenging than someone else.  God knows best for you!!

So go for it and grow from it!  Have an awesome week!

Read Luke 2:52; Philippians 3:10-16