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While starting a business from home is not without start up costs, many of those costs can be eliminated by the savings that working from home brings. Below are five ways working from home can save money.

Commuting: If you are take public transportation to your job, you will instantly notice more money in your pocket when you don’t have to come out of your pocket for the monthly or daily travel cost. If you drive to work, you could save some money but with the current gas prices it will not be an immediately noticeable. Not only does working from home save money on gas, it decreases the wear and tear on your car. This, in turn, means less maintenance and repairs costs, and it could lower your car insurance payments.

Clothes: Working from home you will need fewer dressy and less expensive clothes. When you must have work attair for every day of the week, not only does it cost more, but it almost takes some of the creativity out of buying clothes.

Child Care: Not all work-at-home moms will save money on child care by starting their own business, but a lot will. Though many do need some child care, work-at-home moms often manage to work full-time with only part-time childcare.

Time Is Money: This manifests itself in a million different ways for each of us. Work-at-home moms certainly don’t have unlimited time. But when working outside the home, we tend to use more timesavers, which usually cost extra.

Food: Of course, you will eat when working from home. The cost of preparing your own lunches is significantly less than eating out for lunch everyday. And it’s generally better for you too. If you like leftovers, you may find that making a little extra at dinner is a convenient way to always have a lunch ready.

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