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It is no small thing to say that we admire the President and  First Lady  Michelle Obama for their  strength, poise, grace and intelligence. It  is an even  greater thing when you are able to  see that others appreciate them as well.

Today they were greeted by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall followed by a ceremonial welcome in the palace garden from the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. After his early arrival, President  Obama spent the night in the US ambassador’s residence, Winfield House in Regent’s Park. At the Palace they will occupy the opulent Belgian suite — as is normal for visiting foreign heads of state — where  Prince William and Kate spent their first night as man and wife. The Obamas met the royal couple in the lavish 1844 room for around 20 minutes before the formal ceremonial welcome begins in the palace’s garden.

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The British people and press have long been friends of America, but are especially  fond of  First Lady Michelle. This is evident by the open letter that was printed in one of the foremost newspapers in the United Kingdom . Here is a part  of the open  letter that was written in “The Guardian UK”  which says “you make it look easy” .

Take a look at the below:

“Welcome back to this side of the Atlantic! I’m so glad you’re here, and not just because it means the Queen might get another hug. No, I’m excited because I admire you. You do a difficult job – a difficult non-job, let’s face it – with style, aplomb and humour. I’m guessing you realised back on the campaign trail how difficult the role of first lady would be, what with all that rubbish about you and Barack exchanging “terrorist fist jabs”, the suggestions you were unpatriotic, and the digging up of your college essays. (Imagine! What would they have made of my thesis on penis metaphors in Hemingway?) To exist under that kind of scrutiny must be punishing.

It’s a scrutiny that precludes you from having a day job – there would be constant suggestions that you were exploiting your position, the circling threat of trumped-up scandal – and it doesn’t allow you to get too involved with government either. You’ve been described as Barack’s closest adviser, but you’ve distanced yourself from that tag, with good reason. Hillary Clinton was heavily criticised for her work in her husband’s administration, and while she has turned out to be a brilliant elected politician, some of that was probably warranted. I would love there to be more women in government – the numbers here and in the US are disgraceful – but if it turned out Sam Cam was directing foreign policy I’d be . . . how should I put this? I’d be concerned. So you’re walking a tightrope, but you make it look easy.” Read  the rest by click here.

Watch the welcome  of  President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama to Buckingham Palace  here:

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