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A new study was announced this morning that points to women and bad boys and men and smiles. Yes, women really do like bad boys. According to a new University of B.C. study, women are much less sexually attracted to men who are smiling. The study, led by UBC psychology Prof. Jessica Tracy, involved more than 1,000 heterosexual adults from across North America.

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In their months-long survey, the team of researchers showed men and women a series of photos of the opposite sex. The images showed different emotions -happiness, pride and shame -and asked participants to rank their sexual attractiveness to the people in the images.

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According to Tracy, the results showed dramatic differences between men and women in terms of attraction: men found happy women the most attractive, while women found happy, smiling men the least attractive. Tracy said the studies looked specifically at sexual attractiveness and did not address whether women would want to date or get involved in a relationship with brooding, shameful-looking men.

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