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Are You Riding With Me?

Luke 10

In our theology, we believe Jesus is all-human and all-divine. What becomes interesting is that Jesus has to make a decision between two women. One owned a house; the other had no available address. One had a strong work ethic; we don’t know how long the other held a job. One sent an invitation; the other just happens to be in the right place. Jesus, in the midst of two women, gave a clear distinction of who He leaned towards.

Martha was in the kitchen doing all of the things she thought made a “good” woman. She was from the old school paradigm that believes a way to a man’s heart was through his stomach. On the other hand, Mary focused on Jesus’ feet. Feet are the most sensitive part of the body. They are open to bacteria, disease, injury and wounds. Mary focused on ministering to Jesus’ most sensitive side, not His most human side.

Sometimes, a man will forego food for nourishment. If he gets nourished in the place of his sensitivity, he’ll skip a meal. Mary never asked what Jesus wanted, she assumed the position and waited for His rebuke. Martha got mad because, with all of her culinary skills and advantages over Mary, she never attracted Jesus’ attention. A lot of women miss the mark of ministering to their man when they become busy with domestic affairs rather than taking the time to handle his internal affairs.

Feet are a symbol of change, movement and progress. By attending to His feet, Mary was implying, “I’m going to help you make progress.” Martha let Mary handle business in her house when she couldn’t. Do not present your friends to your man until you are sure you can handle the feet and the food.

One of the most elementary songs to women that men like is “You Remind Me of My Jeep”. I want to break down why men relate to that song. A man places greater priority and value in his car than he does his house. He will wash his car, but live in a dirty house because his car is synonymous with who he is in character, personality and image. If a man spent the same kind of time on a woman as he did on cars, he would be a whole lot better.

The five vehicles that a man does/doesn’t want:

  1. The types of SUV a man does not want:

1. Ford Explorer-A man does not want an explorer, someone who searches through his stuff looking for information that has not been revealed. Once an explorer makes her discovery, she acts as if she is the discoverer in disseverance of credit. For example, Christopher Columbus wanted credit for discovering a place that was already inhabited.

  1. The type of SUV a man does want:
  1. Navigator-A navigator’s primary responsibility is to be aware of the vehicle’s position. The navigator has to assist the captain in getting to his destination without a foreseeable accident. The navigator never tries to take the captains job. Her job is to assist and provide the captain with information so that, if the captain does not take her advice, it’s the captain’s fault.
  2. Trail Blazer-A trail blazer is not the wife. She is the one who prepares the man for his wife. A man wants a challenge, but is afraid of a trailblazer. Trailblazers are different from pathfinders. A pathfinder looks for a route that has been already established, a trailblazer does not mind burning stuff up in order to get to their destination. A trail blazer is a woman who loves with no repentance, without limitations, and gives with no apologies.
  3. Montero: This is a truck named after a small city in Bolivia by the ocean in the mountains. In Montero, you can see beyond sea level. A black man who is connected to a black woman who claims to love him is looking for a Monterro-someone who sees him beyond see-level. Can you see the call, gift, and/or greatness in him or do you only see his failures? In Montero, Bolivia there is also a desert, and gardens where squash, peas, and beans are grown. A man wants to know if a woman will be able to love him in the desert, ocean and mountain.
  4. Cherokee-Cherokee is from a Greek word which translates to mean “people of a different speech.” A man wants to see if you talk to him differently than any woman he has ever met. Cherokees operate under two dimensions of time: pre-history and pro-history. In dealing with a black man, you cannot keep him in his pre-historic past when he has destiny. When you are talking to the man in your life, are you talking longer about the past than you are about the future?
  5. Escalade: An escalade can go up while it’s parked. It doesn’t have to be going anywhere to go up to another level. It can go down in order for you to get in it without jumping up. A black man wants to feel like you are elevating him even when he’s not moving. Is he going up while parked or are you bringing him down so you can get in? Will you in fact be an escalade to help him rise even before he moves? When he rises his perspective changes.

Jesus says to Martha, go back in the kitchen and leave me with your girl because she is doing the right thing, and what she’s doing you should have been doing all along. If you get these principles in your mind, heart, and spirit you will never be sent to the kitchen. You will be in your rightful place and understand that God has positioned, and assigned you on a task to work on feet that are going somewhere.