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A messy desk is not healthy. It just may take  few steps to get you back on track.  All it takes is a little effort and cultivate a habit to keep your desk neat and tidy.

Listed below are some tips.

1 What is cluttering your table? Do you have lots of papers, loads of pens that don’t write or things sitting on your table that you do not even know why they are there? Start by clearing these bits. Get rid of unwanted pens. Just keep a few that write, preferable in a pen stand.  Stack papers in a paper tray. Get a few stackable paper trays if you need.

2 If you can, keep a trashcan under your table. Throw away all trash in the can as soon as possible. Do not wait till the evening to do this before you leave your desk. Do this regularly and you will soon make this a habit.

3 Keep a small notepad on your desk for reminders. This will keep away those post-it notes stuck all over the place. You will also need this during the course of the day to write down some phone numbers or some important piece of information.

4 Organize your books in a neat stack if you do not have an overhead bookrack. Put away books that you don’t need and keep only the ones you are using. This way you will have more room on your desk.

5 Keep all your keys, phones, PDA’s etc away neatly in a corner or find a place for them so that you get into the habit of keeping them there always. If you have got a stackable paper tray, you could use one of the trays to keep these.

Clean the desk as and when necessary and not before leaving at the end of the day. A neat office desk improves productivity.

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