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Christian Keyes, the star and executive producer of “Lord All Men Can’t Be Dogs” took time out of his busy schedule to talk about the recent project and life as African American father who is doing the right thing. He  was honest, engaging and inspiring.

E8:What has the “Lord, All Men Can’t Be Dogs” project inspired in you personally and professionally?

Christian Keyes: It was a great project to work on. The content was so good and the cast was outstanding. It shows too. I pick my projects by what really moves me. I try to be diverse so that I am not always playing the same character. This was the first stage play I ever worked on so I was a little green. You have to be mentally in the project. It’s work but its great work.

E8:What do you think of the story content?

Christian Keyes: It’s a good story, with meaning. You can take it and discuss it.

E8:What has been key in your career so far?

Christian Keyes: I keep honing my art. I take classes and I study and stay open to learning. Learning is key to everything you do in life. You stretch your mind its part of life too. The more open you become to learning and really looking deeper the more you add to your character. I have been blessed to be able to learn and grow.

E8:How do you maintain your life balance?

Christian Keys:It’s just that. Being balanced. I was adopted. My father wasn’t around so it makes me want to be a better father to my son. I spend time with my son. He’s important.

E8:What do you think our young men should know or focus on?

Christian Keyes: Life is not the sum of your mistakes. You can’t keep dragging that stuff around with you. Be honest with yourself and learn from your experiences. You need to know your self worth. You are valuable. God created you special and unique.

“LORD, ALL MEN CAN’T BE DOGS” is a riveting story of the lives of two people, Lisa and Tim Johnson, whose struggles are closely tied with the four spirits that reside in their home. It’s a story of temptation, greed and finally, deliverance, mixed with just the right amount of humor! This show will keep you on the edge of your seat, saying, “Lord, All Men Can’t be Dogs!”   It is now available on dvd.

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