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Every so often we like to post a moral question. That’s what Elev8 does. We try to elevate the body, spirit and educate the mind.

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In the middle east there is a hot topic bubbling up. That subject is sex slavery. The justification she uses is based on Islam.

According to a former candidate for the Kuwaiti parliament, who is advocating for the legalization of sex slavery.

In a video posted on YouTube [see below], Salwa Al-Mutairi proclaimed that a sex slave trade would prevent Kuwait’s Muslim men from extramarital sexual activity, explaining that a purchase transaction for a sex partner would be tantamount to marriage.

“We want our youth to be protected from adultery,” she said.

Mutairi claimed that on a recent trip to Mecca, she spoke with several muftis, or Muslim religious scholars, who believe that there is a basis for the purchase of concubines in the shariah, or Islamic holy law.

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She gave the example of Haroun al-Rashid, the third caliph or head of state of the Islamic Abbasid Empire, is rumored to have had some 2,000 concubines.

Appropriate candidates for the sex trade would be Muslim women from war-torn countries like Chechnya, Mutairi suggested.

Mutairi is married. After you view the video tell us what you think in the comments.

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