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Sometimes, it’s easy to compare your own life to friends or relationships with others outside your immediate social circle. Perhaps you have the “grass is greener” attitude and constantly see your life as something in repair, not okay the way it currently is – that it could only improve if you gained the approval of others. In recent years, social media sites has made this self-comparison even simpler, as you can see what other people are up to and filter this information through your own personal experience. In reality, your individual interpretation of what others are up to might be skewed and could be an unneeded source of self-doubt in your life. The best way to combat this unhealthy self-categorization is to start channeling your inner independence and letting go of the stereotypes that society has placed on social interaction.

Through keeping yourself firmly planted on the ground, you can more easily tap into your true identity and be strongly empowered as an individual. Here are some ways in which you can channel that energy of self-reliance that comes with not caring what others think:

1. Find some enlightening mantras and stick to them. Look up some quotes in books or online on whatever idea you want to add to your life. Perhaps you need a dose of confidence to feel comfortable enough to eat lunch by yourself or take on a difficult task that you have never done before. Using quotes as guides in your quest for a more centered, worry-free life can be a very effective way in motivating yourself toward change and a more healthy outlook on life!

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2. Take the time to savor the silence. One of the hardest things in this day and age is allowing yourself to be comfortable with your own company. The world has become so connected that often, cell phones, laptops, and media devices have become ways to distract us from our inner feelings. Having moments of calm or introspection can sometimes be important mechanisms for our daily lives. Break away from technology once in a while and learn to live with the body you were given!

3. Become familiar with your surroundings. Even if it means observing the route you take to work every day or becoming aware of the people around you, minus your headphones, being connected to the interpersonal world is something that should not be forgotten. As I said earlier, technology is a large part of our lives in recent decades and has caused a level of detachment among people in public spaces. Be THERE, in the moment, not somewhere else where you are not apart of the environment that you live in. What have you got to lose? Stay present!

4. Stay humble, yet grounded in belief. Sometimes people think that having strong morals or beliefs means that you must be vocal and borderline arrogant about them. That’s definitely not the right way to handle life, as staying humble is an important facet of drawing others to you, as well as showing your independence in viewpoints. If you keep your mantras and core ideals close to your heart, but don’t brag about them, you can stand out as someone who is confident in who they are without forcing your beliefs on others. Keep a level of calm about yourself, but never feel like you have to stifle your ideals!

5. View yourself as a role model. If you carry an air of confidence and vitality, others will automatically be drawn to you. By being who you are and not sacrificing your morals, you can channel your inner talent into whatever you do. By simply being your shining self and never letting go of what you hold dear, you can become a role model through your willingness to suspend doubt and truly embrace yourself without question. Independence takes strength and inner confidence, so by channeling optimism and foresight, anything is possible!

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Having an independent air about you might take a bit of work on your part, especially if you are not used to inspiring confidence in yourself. However, once an inner-optimism is channeled and you start to feel yourself growing more bold with the minute, life starts to take on a new flavor and excitement! By simply becoming more aware of your surroundings and general aura that you emanate, it can become much easier to bring new feelings of calm and introspection into your life.

Through adding a clarity and awareness of what your values are, you begin to find new meanings for what you do and a renewed sense of purpose. Channel your independence and you have the capability of turning into the strong individual that you have always meant to be!