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Is he Mr.Right now or Mr .Right may be your question. As you get older, you begin to think of life in a new light. There is very little time to make foolish mistakes when it comes to choosing partners .

1.When you think about your special guy, you…

a. Smile, and instantly feel better.

b. Realize he never called you at lunchtime and suddenly feel anxious.

c. Remember the fun time you had a few weekends ago with his mates.

2 Be honest. Do you feel completely comfortable when you’re around him?

a. Yes. You know each other’s flaws and it doesn’t worry you one bit.

b. Sometimes. You’re mostly honest with each other but there are some past mistakes better left unsaid.

c. Not really. You don’t feel confident being yourself and you worry he might not like the real you.

3 Have you ever felt threatened by his relationships with other girls?

a. Never, you are completely trusting of each other. They’re just his mates!

b. You accept his other female friendships but still find the idea a little difficult to be 100% cool with.

c. Nah, you both love to flirt and make each other a little jealous!

4 Has he ever bought you a gift for no particular reason?

a. Definitely, he is always going out of his way to make you smile.

b. He wooed you with gifts in the beginning, but not so much now.

c. No. He buys plenty for himself though.

5 Throughout the day you know what he is doing…

a. Constantly. You guys both call, SMS and email to keep in contact.

b. Sometimes, but often you feel he just wants to be left on his own.

c. Rarely. You’re more of an after-hours or weekend couple.

6 Would you compromise or sacrifice something important to be with him?

a. Yes, you understand that relationships are built on compromise. His happiness is your happiness, and vice versa.

b. Maybe, depending on the compromise.

c. Probably not. The word ‘sacrifice’ isn’t one you use that often.

7 Do you see yourself having a future with him?

a. Absolutely. You can’t imagine ever being without him!

b. Maybe, although admittedly you have caught yourself doodling your name with his surname attached!

c. No way! You’re not that serious at all – this is probably just a hook-up.


Mostly As

Look out! This could very well be Mr Right. You are in a happy and meaningful relationship and you’re not afraid to shout it from the rooftops. Trust and comfort are important indicators that your partnership will go far, and this guy certainly wants to stick around. Remember, part of what makes a relationship work is having your own life, so revel in your alone time too!

Mostly Bs

He’s definitely got potential. While you are both committed, there are some issues surrounding your relationship based on trust and security. Eventually, if you do want to make him your Mr Right, you’ll have to resolve them, or move on. Or maybe you’re destined to have some fun with each other while it lasts, and that’s perfectly fine as well!

Mostly Cs

Hello Mr Right Now! At the moment this relaxed relationship totally suits you. You both enjoy flirting and hanging, but there are NO plans for the future. This can be fun as long as you both understand that it’s not serious, otherwise someone could get hurt.

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