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Organizing your child’s room can be  made simple with a few steps.

I was not a perfect child by any stretch of the imagination. But one thing I don’t remember is my mother having to nag me to organize my room and get rid of clutter. Maybe I just have selective memory.

I see firsthand the problems between parents and children as they fight over keeping their rooms organized and they insist they have to get rid of clutter. Many times the kids can’t see any clutter in their rooms as we as adults do. It is ineffective to say to a child go and clean your room and get rid of clutter and organize it. Have you tried it? Has it worked? Probably not, not even with older children does that technique work.

Here are 4 sensible ideas on how to get your kids to organize their bedroom.

1. Teach the child, no matter the age, what it means to have an organized, clutter free room. Walk around their bedroom with them and look in the drawers, in the closet and under the bed and talk to them about what you expect the room to look like when it is organized. Listen to them about what they think an organized room should look like.

2. Make it easy for a child to stay organized and get rid of clutter. Provide a waste paper basket in their room for trash. They will be responsible to empty it once a week or when it is full, whichever comes first.

3. For small children have plenty of child friendly containers to separate their toys into. Label the container with a picture or words to help them remember what toy goes where. Get their input as to which bin they want to use for which toy. When you get their opinions they are more likely to cooperate and have a feeling of ownership for things that are theirs. Also it is a great time to teach how to organize and get rid of clutter.

4. Teach children to make their bed every day. When their bed is made their room looks neater and it will encourage them to get rid of clutter and keep their room neat and tidy.

Kids can be expected to keep their rooms free of clutter and adults can teach them and encourage them to do so by example and providing them the tools they need. If all else fails, as friend of mine says, “Close the door.”

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