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Oprah Winfrey may be the high on the wealth list but she is bottoms on a more important list. orbes has released a list of the most charitable celebrities where teen idol Justin Bieber landed dead last.

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At the top of the list was rock star Jon Bon Jovi, whose giving levels were at just about the same level as the average American household. In a study conducted by the Independent Sector in which  the average American household contributed 2.1 percent of its income to charity. However the celebrities that made the list were measured in a slightly different currency.

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Forbes decided not to use specific money measurements, rather gage the amount of fame celebrities donated to specific causes this year while compiling the list, Forbes editor Randall Lane said in a video statement. This unique measurement of charity was accomplished by the research firm General Sentiment, which Forbes consulted as part of its annual giving report.

The second highest giver was Paul McCartney at 1.4 percent for his work with the animal rights organization PETA while the third was Bono at .72 percent for his efforts with a variety of organizations.

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Those at the bottom of the list included Oprah Winfrey as the second worst giver of publicity and Simon Cowel as the third.

News of Oprah coming in at the bottom of the list comes as a bit of a surprise considering that she’s been ranked among the top charitable celebrity in recent years. The Giving Back Fund reports that Oprah presently ranks at the top of their celebrity charity list with more than $40 million donated to various charities.