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Interview: Dr. Lindsay Marsh – I Am Worth the Wait


A One-on-One Interview With Dr. Lindsay Marsh, 32 year old virgin, anesthesiologist and author of the Best Sex of My Life: a guide to purity. Her sexual purity outreach, Worth The Wait Revolution is sending a laud message to the masses.

1. What is the passion that drives you to continue your ministry to help others?


I am driven by purpose. Worth The Wait, LLC the clothing label and Worth The Wait Revolution, Inc, our sexual purity outreach has become such an exciting movement. I am excited to be a part of what God longs to do in this generation to revolutionize a remnant of people that will stand for righteousness in the midst of uncontrolled lust, homosexuality, teen pregnancy, unplanned pregnancy, the HIV epidemic, the STD rampage, condom dispersion, pornography and sexploitation. God is raising up a generation of people that are ‘supermodels for the kingdom of God’, (as I say) and choose to be the standard and not a statistic.2. Is it hard being not only being Single, Saved and Satisfied but a virgin? Nope. It’s cool. I usually have to tell people that I don’t treat my virginity like a ‘get out of jail free’ card. People wear virginity like their ‘badge of courage’, but I understand that the blood of Jesus has cleansed me and redeemed my life from destruction, just like everyone else. Although I am a virgin, I was involved in sexual sin, as well. Humping, bumping and grinding, and all the foreplay that is reserved for the marriage covenant as well, was my former stomping ground. So, I usually have to explain that I am not your ‘average’ virgin. I keep it real and tell people the truth about my past. However, after coming into the knowledge of who I am in Christ and connecting with my Pastors, Drs. Mike and DeeDee Freeman, I am honestly single, saved and satisfied. I have not kissed a man in 10 years, because I want my last ‘first kiss’ to be with my husband, on our wedding day.

3. Do you ever find yourself in compromising situations? Absolutely. Back in the day…as we say, I put myself in several bad situations.

Whether it was on a date with a certain guy, or in the car, or just being in the relationship, period.  I talk about several of these compromising positions in my book, The Best Sex of My Life: a guide to purity. I put myself in a very dangerous position my freshman year of college, during Welcome Week. I decided to go to the dorm room of a guy who had 3 other roommates, who were also males. Then, I proceeded to let my girlfriend leave me alone, at 1am, in the dorm with these 4 men. Oh my God,…when I look back, I thank God for his grace and mercy. These guys could have raped me and did whatever they wanted to do with me. Thankfully, that did not happen. However, I did end up having a ‘satisfaction without penetration’ encounter with a guy I hardly knew, but thought was SO FINE! Well, to make a long story short, I never heard from him again, after that night. I felt absolutely disgusted with myself. This was before I was taught about being a virtuous woman, and fleeing the appearance of evil. No woman of virtue belongs in an all-male dorm room at 1am…even if nothing is happening. It just looks bad.

4. Isn’t it rare to find someone your age to be a virgin? What about the male vs. female virgin ratio?

Well, unfortunately, it can be rare. I am 31…so; you can probably count on one hand the virgins that you know over 30 years old. Unfortunately, many more people are living sexually pure lives and keeping their virginity until marriage, but until the Worth The Wait Revolution gave them a voice to express their obedience and faithfulness to the Lord…..they have been silent. Silent, lonely and at times, very frustrated with God. I think Worth The Wait has given us a strong, powerful, uncompromising voice for sexual purity. Consequently, more virgins and sexually-pure adults are coming out of the closet. The stigma and embarrassment has been erased.  I find that more female virgins exist because of the tremendous pressure placed upon men in this culture to perform sexually, acquire multiple women and be perceived as a ‘player’.  Therefore, young men tend to compromise a bit easier because the same standard or purity that is generally embraced for women of most cultures, is widely rejected for most men of the same cultures. The double standard is a real obstacle, and then further pressure is placed on a young man to prove that he is not homosexual/gay.  It is highly important for young men and woman to root their self-esteem in the Word of God, instead of these sexual charged images and stereotypes projected by our media.

5. Besides abstinence, what are some other topics you teach on?

Sexual purity is my central theme, but several other topics are derived from the instructions I give people, when empowering them with the information on ‘how to’ stay pure.  Topics like self-esteem, vision-building, guarding your heart (media influences), and honoring parents/mentors/Pastors are issues I deal with as well.  I speak from the platform of presenting sexual purity as a ‘choice’.  It is God’s best choice for our lives, above a condom, above masturbation, above birth control, above dry humping and the like.

6. Do you ever become overly aware of the ticking biological time bomb?

Ah! As a physician, I know the statistics. But, I trust God. God know how to take care of my ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes. LOL

7. With starting a career so early in your life and having so many accomplishments at a young age, do you ever feel antsy about getting married and having a family?

Honestly, the season of really considering marriage and a serious relationship has never been a reality until now. Medical school and residency was pretty intense. Additionally, my focus on academics and ministry has kept me pretty busy for the past 12 years. However, I recognized the season I was in, and I had to maximize my season and my singleness. I desire marriage. I can also see a few really great kids in our future, as well. I come from a close-knit group of 3 siblings, so I value the importance of family. At times I feel anxious, and I have to remember to cast my cares. However, I know what I like, and I am not willing to compromise on God’s best plan for my life. I think men and women get to a certain age and decide to ‘settle’ for less. They begin to date people that aren’t even saved, let alone walking in sexual purity. On the other hand, there are a group of people that want God to bring them ‘the best’….yet they are walking in ‘average’. So, I balance myself but expecting the best, while pushing myself to qualify for God’s best.

8. What are your views on a “Born again Virgin” is it really possible?I think the term is tossed around in the body of Christ, but it is a misnomer. As we know, virginity is not something that you can get back, physically. However, spiritually, the blood of Jesus can cleanse you of all unrighteousness, fully restore you and rebuild that which was lost, stolen or taken (for those who have been sexually violated). After being cleansed and forgiven, 2 Corinthians 5:17 in clear, “If any man be in Christ, He is new creature, all old things have passed away, behold all things have become new.” Glory to God! So, restoration is possible for each and every one of us. Absolutely!

9. What are some tips that people can use to stay out of the “hot spot”? I give a lesson entitled, “10 Choices To Keep You Out of Trouble”. It summarizes my top 10 choices that equip people to stay far from the ‘hot spot’. Tip 1: Guard You Heart! When will we ever be honest with ourselves about the music we listen to, the movies we watch, the videos, pornography, internet images, media influences that we ingest from this booty-licious culture? I am pretty selective, not anal about my listening and viewing pleasure. I am not super-saved….but I ‘keep it real’ about knowing my limits, and what ‘provokes my flesh’. I am honest with myself about the power of music and the power of images, whether pornographic or in a video.

10. What do you have to say about the misconception that a person must be ugly or have major issues to be virgin in today’s society.


It’s a lie. The enemy would like to continue to perpetuate this lie, that only ugly, dysfunctional, unpopular, and rejected people are virgins in today’s society, but God has raised a revolution that states otherwise. The Worth The Wait Revolution, Inc, my sexual purity outreach promotes sexual purity with contemporary style and urban class. Sexually pure, beautiful individuals from every background, that have flavor, style, finesse, and elegance. My mission is to shift the current abstinence paradigm, and show the world that sexual purity is the ‘new hotness’!

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