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Rihanna and Chris Brown have been the topic of conversation for domestic violence professionals and pastors who are speaking out about their alleged romantic reconciliation.

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After the release of two songs on which Rihanna and Brown collaborated were released, rumors circulated about the musicians reconnecting romantically. However, a domestic violence incident in 2009 that resulted in legal trouble for Brown and a battered Rihanna has caused some domestic violence professionals to speak out about the possible reunion.

Rita Smith, executive director of National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, warned Rihanna that Brown’s violent temper may not have changed since he assaulted her three years ago. After winning a Grammy Award on Feb. 12, Brown tweeted, “Hate all you want because I got a Grammy now! That’s the ultimate **** Off!”

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According to Smith, the tweet was an indication of Brown’s mental state. “The response was fairly belligerent and didn’t really indicate that he had changed much in the several years since the assault,” Smith said in a statement on

Still, Smith said the two could possibly be friends if Brown treats Rihanna with respect.

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