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Hidden Hunger: Curbing Your Unhealthy Appetites


What do you love to eat? Does the sound of a nice juicy steak with mashed potatoes smothered in gravy make your mouth water? Or how about some collard greens with neck bones or ham hocks. Have I got you going yet? Alright then I’m taking the gloves off and I’m about to get foul on ya. How about some bar-b-que baby back ribs dripping with a special sauce with some buttered corn on the cob and some red velvet cake? Un-huh I knew I would probably get you on that one. Now put your tongue back in your lil salivating mouth cuz I got bigger fish to fry!

There are obvious things that spark hunger such as some of the aforementioned delicious dishes, but there are some hungers that are not as visible to the human eye and must be discerned through the perspectives of wisdom. I call this Hidden Hunger and believe me when I tell you that there is alot of it going around. It is the private longings of the human soul that if not fed in a positive way can have disastrous repercussions.

Hidden Hunger does not discriminate based upon social, racial, sexual, political or financial status, it’s an equal opportunist. There are Hungry lawyers, Hungry doctors, Hungry judges, Hungry Movie Stars, Hungry Sports Superstars, Hungry housewives, Hungry Multi millionaires, Hungry Clergy, Hungry college students, Hungry drug dealers and dope fiends, Hungry neglected children, Hungry abandoned elderly and the roll goes on and on and on!!!!

The real danger of this type of hunger is that because of the negative stigma, no one in this situation wants to be found out. They feel forced to play the role that is more acceptable and all the while they are starving to their depths. This may be why some of the people that have committed suicide or who have gotten strung out on drugs or alcohol; remain in abusive or an unhealthy relationships; have poor eating habits, excessively bizarre sexual activity, violence or gambling. They are so Hungry that they will do almost anything to try and fill the void.

Please know that you don’t have to Hide your Hunger and there is nothing wrong with you having a Hunger. The thing that matters most at this point is beginning to feed your Hunger in ways that will not just fill you temporarily, but that will fulfill you on a long term basis. Begin by knowing that you have powerful potential and promise in you that can’t be found anywhere else except within you. Then begin to declare it and create the atmosphere that says “I am ready for my coming soon”. Thirdly get rid of anything and everything, everybody and anybody that’s using you as their food source. If you don’t get rid of them they or it is going to consume you.

Get healthily Hungry , positively Hungry, purposefully Hungry and passionately Hungry !!! You talkin bout some good eatin? Bon appetit!!!

Remember… “Your future is brighter than it’s ever been and not even the sky has to be your limit”