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Even if you haven’t consciously sought out ways to gain the respect and admiration of other people, the success skills below will go a long way towards helping you make a positive impression and accomplish your self improvement goals.

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Success Skills to Get the Respect and Admiration of Others

1) Admit your flaws. Nobody is perfect, so don’t join the crowd in pretending to have it all together.  It’s far more respectable to be straightforward and honest about who you are as a whole person.  That includes both the things you know and those you aren’t sure of; the things you’re proud of and the things you’re working to change.

2) Praise more. It takes little more than a functional voice box to criticize a person, place, system, or organization for various failures.  We see such put-downs everyday all day.  However, it takes a great deal of self-confidence and positivity to seek out and praise the good in everyone and everything.

3) Relax. In a world where everyone and everything is a frantic, busy mess; what could be more admirable than the calm presence of a relaxed being. Give yourself, and others, a break from the madness by simply learning to pace yourself and to give your attention to one thing at a time.

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4) Set an example. As the saying goes, “Talk is cheap.” So, instead of talking about how things should be and what people should do, set an example for others to follow.  Everyone admires and respects a person who proves to be more than another talking head.

5) Forgive and let go. Holding a grudge against someone is easy, but chances are it will never produce any results worth having.  To the contrary, people look up to those who have the strength and courage to forgive. Forgiveness is a win-win situation. You set yourself free while simultaneously setting an example that encourages others to take a positive step they never thought they’d be able to take.

6) Say what you mean. One of the most important people skills is clear, concise, direct communication.  People don’t want to rely on reading between the lines in order to figure out what you truly mean.  Say what you mean rather than beating around the bushes.

7) Do your personal best. Competition can be quite motivating, but don’t let it ruin you by tying your happiness to the achievements of others.  You can’t be the next Michael Jordan or Donald Trump.  You can’t be your father, your “smarter” sister or your favorite author. Their lives are taken.  Be the best you that you can be; and you’ll be respected for maximizing your own potential.

8 ) Share your gifts. Despite all the selfishness in today’s society, everyone admires those who remember that every gift is better when it’s shared.  Whatever joy comes into your life, pass it on.  Pay it forward.  As you unleash your generosity; positive, generous, caring people will be drawn in to admire and respect you as an amazing human being.

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