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Is the man you’re dating a potential cheater who will one day break your heart? Take this quiz and find out.

Like most singles who are dating, I’m sure you’ll want to avoid getting involved with a someone who’s likely to cheat. After all, he/she could one day break your heart. But according to statistics, an estimated 50 to 70 percent cheat on their mates. How can you tell if  you’re dating is one of these potential cheaters?

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Studies reveal that some men are more likely to cheat than others because of their background, their past history, or certain character traits. So before you fall head-over-heels in love or get too attached to that new man in your life, rate your date’s cheating potential with the 7 questions below:

  1. Does he/she thrive on adventure?
  2. Did he/sh have a great deal of sexual experience prior to your relationship?
  3. Does he/she have lots of female friends?
  4. Does he/shehave male friends who are cheating on their wives or girlfriends?
  5. Does he/she have a parent who cheated?
  6. Did he/she cheat in any of his past relationships?
  7. Does he/she feel that infidelity is really no big deal?

Generally speaking, the more `yes’ answers, the greater the likelihood that the person will cheat. But some answers carry more weight than others, so you’ll want to take a closer look at the results.

If you answered yes to #1, #2, or #5 (but not all three), he/she’s a POTENTIAL CHEATER who may very well cheat on you if the opportunity presents itself. If you decide to get involved with him/her, you need to make it difficult for him to cheat. Familiarize yourself with the signs of infidelity, so you’ll know if he starts to stray.

If you answered yes to #3 or #4 alone, together, or in combination with #1 or #2, he/she’s a COMMON “GARDEN-VARIETY” CHEATER who will cheat if he feels he/she can do so without getting caught. Your challenge, if you insist on dating him/her, is to stay one step ahead by learning to recognize the early warning signs. If you know how to spot the signs of impending infidelity, you may be able to stop the cheating before it starts, or leave before they break your heart. Familiarize yourself with the 21 major categories of telltale signs.

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If you answered yes to #6 alone or in combination with #1,#2, #3, #4, or #5 you’re dealing with an EXPERIENCED CHEATER who knows how to hide the obvious signs of infidelity. The most important thing to do if you’re dating this man is learn to spot the subtle signs of infidelity, because these are the signs that will inevitably give him away. Get a good infidelity reference guide, watch him like a hawk, and try not to get too deeply involved.

If you answered yes to #7 alone ( This one’s the biggie!) or in combination with any others, you’ve got a HARD-CORE, HABITUAL CHEATER on your hands who’s probably already having an affair. For this person, cheating is a way of life. If you don’t want to become an infidelity statistic, leave this one alone. Should you decide to take on this challenge, you’re in serious trouble if you don’t know how to spot the subtle signs of infidelity. Forget about watching for the usual signs of cheating. This person is an expert at covering his tracks. The best thing you can do is become adept at spotting the subtle signs of infidelity, since there won’t be any obvious signs to give them away.

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