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Top-selling secular rapper Rick Ross recently stirred controversy with the release of his song titled “Holy Ghost” which has been criticized for twisting scriptures and degrading the Holy Spirit by using Him as a consultant that helps lead him further into sin.

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The first verse of the song depicts Ross, a self-proclaimed Christian, relishing in the riches of sitting in his expensive Bugatti as he makes a drug deal. Proclaiming that being “dead broke” is the “root of all evil” instead of the love of money, he is attempting to dodge cops and asks for the Holy Ghost to intervene.

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Among those offended by the song are rappers within the Christian hip hop community. Being vocal about their disapproval, some have offered responses to the record, being careful to label it as a response so as to not come off disrespectfully.

Discussing his faith in “The Fence” documentary, Ross explains that he puts his all into what he believes, uses money and influence for positivity, and believes that God is the reason behind his success in the music industry.

When asked about the criticism that he receives from Christians who judge his lyrics for not reflecting his religious beliefs, Ross who derived his stage name from the 1980s drug dealer “Freeway” Rick Ross, said he reflects what he has seen in his lyrics whether or not people want to look at it and that he embraces the judgments.