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Oddly enough, many people are unaware of their strengths.  It is important to recognize our inner resources, for until we do, we will fail to use them. A person must identify and focus on his strengths to implement changes and overcome his weaknesses.  A good way to identify personal strengths is for an individual to ask a series of questions relating to the changes that he is about to embark on such as the following.

What Does It Mean To Be Successful?

Do I hunger for success?  Do I set goals and am I eager to take action to realize them? Am I excited by life? Am I curious? Do I love adventure? Do I live courageously? Do I like to support others, lead others, or both? Am I patient? Am I a risk taker?  Do I get along with others? Do I look at the pros and cons before acting? Can I depend on myself? Do I encourage others and offer praise where it is due? Do I respect and learn from others? Do I see the potential in others and in myself? Do I control my emotions or do I allow them to control me?  Do I balance work and recreation? Do I look after my general well-being or do I neglect myself?  Am I organized? Am I a visionary and see what others miss? Do I have a positive outlook? Am I a peacemaker? Do I empathize with others? Am I interested in what works and what doesn’t? Do I embrace change or do I prefer the status quo? Do I love to learn and apply new things? Am I a thinker, planner, and doer? Do I always strive to do my best? Am I gentle and kind? Am I generous? Am I understanding and accepting?

Embrace all that you are. You are a strong person. Tap into your potential.

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