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Tiger Woods is rumored to be  suffering frightening breakdowns – even turning on his own family – sparking fears that he’s back on drugs, say sources.

Once considered the world’s best golfer, the fallen super­star,36, is struggling on the comeback trail, and he shocked fans with an embarrassing, foul-mouthed, club-kicking public meltdown at the recent Masters tournament.

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But The ENQUIRER learned what goes on behind the scenes is far worse, including pitiful crying jags and explo­sive temper tantrums.

“Tiger is breaking down and cry­ing,” revealed a close source. “Friends are very afraid that he’s suffering from depression again and back on antide­pressants You may read the rest.

Addiction is a chronic disease, like diabetes or asthma, and as such, relapses are expected, part of the learning process, and preventable. It requires you to  be honest with those around you, and if you’re seeing a therapist, or a good case manager, tell them about your triggers so that you can hopefully start talking about them, and re-triggering them in a safe environment.

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