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In reality, seeing inappropriate material is not the greatest danger to kids online. The real threat comes from those who would take advantage of kids who naively reveal personal information about themselves. Rebellious preteens are especially at risk, because they may not take parental warnings seriously. Compared to the dangers that a child invites by sharing personal information online, such as their phone number or address, looking at inappropriate pictures is a relatively minor concern

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Popular Christian author ReShonda Tate Billingsley made news last week after she caught her daughter posting an inappropriate picture to her Instagram account. In the picture, her daughter held up a bottle of vodka she swiped from her parent’s bar and wrote, “I wish I could drink this liquor.”

In response, Billingsley made her daughter post a picture to her Instagram account holding a sign that said, “Since I want to take pics holding liquor, I am obviously NOT ready for social media and will be taking a hiatus until I learn what is and isn’t appropriate to post. Bye-Bye.”

Billingsley also posted the picture to her Facebook account, receiving 11,000+ shares. While most parents were on the same page, some took offense with Billingsley’s method of discipline, claiming she was taking it too far.

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