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Our friends over at loop 21 pointed this story out to us and is worth posting here because it presents an interesting point of view.

Ever since I started my blog, Until I Get Married, in 2009, I’ve heard many stories from many women about why they’re single, the joys of being single, and the frustrations with being single. Some of these women have become great friends who I’ve had the privilege of getting to know on a more personal level. Needless to say, I know a lot of great women who deserve men equally as great and yet, they are as single as a dollar bill (or they’re in some sort of situation with a guy that’s as flimsy as a wet dollar bill).

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As their friend, a huge part of me wants to do something about them being single and when I say “something” I don’t mean what you all think I mean. I’m talking about the moments when they feel like they’re doomed to be single forever or they feel like something is wrong with them. I genuinely feel sorry for these women and I want to console them, want to tell them it’ll be okay, and they’re perfect the way they are–it’s the guys who have the problem.

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