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Rihanna’s hard living  and partying has scared her Pastor into thinking she is headed for death like superstar Whitney Houston.

Bishop Vibert Lowe, who has known the 24-year-old Rihanna since childhood, told Now Magazine that he is concerned for the singer who he thinks may end up dead like Whitney Houston who passed away after years of heavy drug use.

Her former Pastor says that things are not looking good at all. He said:

“She’s drunk a lot, she’s smoking a lot… It’s really bad behavior and she’s getting worse,She could head down the same route as Whitney Houston. She promotes a bad girl image and that’s not responsible 
to her fans.”

The singer’s family friend and former pastor from her home country of Barbados said his concern for the singer grew worse when he saw the hospital picture that she tweeted with an IV in her arm recently. Although the singer said she was hospitalized due to the flu, Lowe said he was disturbed by her lifestyle.  Although the picture of Rihanna in the hospital ignited his most recent feeling of concern, Lowe has publicly spoken out about the singer’s behavior in the past. In March, Lowe spoke about Rihanna being a better example.

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“She’s going the wrong way,” the 64-year-old Barbadian pastor said. “When I saw the hospital picture I was so disturbed.”.

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