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A year ago, I was given a lay off letter. I was hysterical, bitter and confused. I questioned God about the timing of my misfortune, and spent many days and nights depressed. Nothing seemed to make sense to me, and I felt that God had forgotten me. What I neglected to remember was that several years prior, I’d prayed to God for a way to live my dreams out loud. I’d also complained publicly and carried around my misery like a designer handbag. I didn’t notice the answered prayer when it finally showed up, in God’s time. I’d spent my time focusing on the present conflict, instead of looking forward to the future blessing.

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God has impeccable timing when it comes to honoring the needs of his people. Jesus says in John 14:14 that “If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.” What we must remember is that God hears us before we even ask, and immediately sets out to grant us our needs, wants and wishes. It’s not our role to know or figure out details, but to wait with expectancy for the big finish, and express gratitude in the meantime. Your natural, human psyche won’t be able to comprehend what’s happening because the Holy Spirit works in another realm and in another way.

After a year of being laid off…

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