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I always intended to be married. I never intended to be single. I just figured we would grow old together. I’d lose my hair and get a pot belly and well… she would stay fabulous. She decided that wasn’t for her.

My wife has decided that she doesn’t want to save the marriage.  She says that she doesn’t “feel that way” about me anymore and hadn’t felt that way about me for a long time. (During the process of telling me she wanted a divorce and marriage counseling, she had an emotional affair with my now-former best friend.)

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If I thought it could be saved, I would save it. I have had every conversation I can with her to convince her to try to work on it. She won’t do it.

And honestly, we have both been unhappy for a long time. We get along well, but we don’t have that connection. If we stayed together for the kids, it would probably last until the youngest graduates from high school and then we would divorce at that point.

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I am trying to make the best of this. Its hard, but this is the path that has been laid out for me… I gotta just deal with it. So this is where it begins… The Dad Chronicles.

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