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Stressful seasons are apart of everyone’s journey. As awkward as they are, God uses them to shape our character and to form necessary traits within us for greater glory and future use. One of the keys to managing stressful seasons successfully is relationships.

I am amazed at how valuable relationships are in tough times. Now by relationships I am referring to God ordained, growth oriented partnerships that are uniquely designed to walk with you as you walk with God. Notice that the relationships are two things:

1. God ordained. This means that the relationship fits the plan and purpose for your and greatly aids in your personal development.

2. Growth oriented. This means that through the relationship you experience healthy growth in areas that are needed for your personal success.

Please note that these relationships provide a solid foundation and a positive context for you to exist in. God in turn, trust you with people and trust you to people. This is so important to understand because in this trusting of you to and with, God ultimately wants you to develop in a healthy and functional manner.

The stressful seasons of your life then are more manageable when you have relationships that fit the criteria stated above. This is key because these relationships with provide you with the following:

1. Covering. Within the relationship you will find protection and security. The presence of covering will create a strong sense of trust.

2. Comfort. Within the relationship you will find nurture and compassion. This is key because when the stress becomes greater, your partner will say the right things in tough moments.

3. Correction. Within the relationship you will be challenged to improve in areas of weakness in a manner that is both clear and caring.

4. Confirmation. Within the relationship you will be affirmed and appropriately appreciated. Celebrated for the “good” and lovingly tolerated for the ‘bad”.

These four traits are the evidence that you are in a relationship that can aid you in stressful times. Know that through each trait you will be strengthened and empowered to not only face the stressful season but also in the end grow from the season. So spend time praying about who should be in your life. For healthy relationships is a growing persons’ best friend. Keep Growing!

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