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Nearly every state in the country has adopted these Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

The idea behind CCSS is every high school graduate will have the knowledge and skills necessary for college and/or career readiness. If they meet these new high standards, they will be more competitive in today’s global economy.

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New behavioral health classes are also being added to the curriculum for the 7th, 9th and 11th grades. The elementary schools will continue with Life Skills. Middle school will have a half-year of health class, in addition to Physical Education. This will be taught during what has been Team Time in the past. The amount of writing will go up and three types will be emphasized. There will be an increase in narrative, informative and opinion/argument writing as well as reading.

The common core has implications for the youngest children, since it sets forth certain expectations of what entering kindergartners should know and be able to do. There’s quite a gap between that vision and what most of our littlest ones can currently do.

Many states have been practicing this method since  mid 2010. Some parents have started to share concerns with the new structure. What do you think? Have you see seen a change in your child?

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