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Tom Cruise Has A Black Son?


Okay!  So…this is absolutely amazing and there are so many places I can go with this one…

Did you know that Tom Cruise had an adopted son that is Black?  I would never have known that – thank God for news ~ lol.  But the more incredible part of this expose is the fact that Connor Cruise looks just like his daddy.  OMG!  I mean…mannerism and all.  Look at the picture above – look at the gallery.  This brings up a very interesting topic about love and its transcendentality.  To know there are so many men and women out there who were CHOSEN by there parents really does give me the warm fuzzies.   Especially when I think about my Noah.  My life would be so empty without him. Funny…I went to church this Sunday and there were a couple of ladies who had never met him.  They gawked a little and marveled at how much he resembled me.  After their excitement, one of the women said, “Oh my God.  He looks just like you.”  I hear that often…but that can ONLY be God.  That he would take a complete stranger (in the natural) and cause you to take on physical traits like one another is amazing.  It makes me wonder, did Moses look like his adoptive mother?  Did Jesus favor Joseph?  In-credible!

Anyway…like father like son, Connor Cruise is to star in the retelling of the 1984 movie “Red Dawn.”  The original movie features the fictional onset of World War 3 after America is invaded by the Soviet Union and its Central American allies.  This latest version follows the gang of youngsters as they take on Russian and Chinese troops.  He had already dipped his feet in “Seven Pounds” with Will Smith.

Way to go Tom and Nicole Kidman for choosing Connor. They could have chosen so many other children and they elected to have THIS African American young man as a part of their “forever family.” I am so in love with it.

I’ll have to keep you posted on Mr. Connor Cruise and his Hollywood appearances.  This should be tons of fun.

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