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Album Review: 21:03 – Total Attention


PAJAM presented 21:03 to the world with their debut release and the fellas were able to capture the attention of the jeep generation around the country. The youthful trio has already been through a great deal of triumph and tragedy, but their growth is very evident on their second release, Total Attention. PAJAM produced most of the project, with help from their crew Streetwood and others.

Now ready to minister to a broader audience and with an ability to show more dimensions, the guys (Torrence, Evin and Jo ‘Rel) keep the hard-hitting dance tracks and soulful ballads, but add more pop-edged songs, songs with churchy vamps and small hint of even… Prince.Praise and worship-filled lyrics are the basis for the pop/electronica midtempo gem, “Holding On To You”. The passion of Evin is obvious as he sings with power and conviction to take the song to the stratosphere. “Free” continues in the vein of the pop realm, with an acoustic feel good theme to it.For those who wondered if 21:03 could really sing, wonder no more. Sit back and enjoy some tight and crazy harmonies on the remake of the classic “Riverside”. Each singer kills in their own right.

Infectious and retro, yet innovative, describes lead single “You”, a swingy jam (courtesy producer Aaron Pearce) where the guys take it church as they describe how they made it through various storms.Fred Hammond, Smokie Norful and J. Moss grace the ballad “Cover Me”. With all the tragedy and potential dangers coming at the church these days, this song is going to be an important staple on radio, both sacred and secular. The fellas bring their songwriting skills to “Everybody Can’t Go” where they explain the painful necessity of letting people go as they move up in their ministries and in their relationship with God.”Brace Up” is the number that dance enthusiasts will enjoy, with its pulsating drum beats (with a hint of Prince’s “When Doves Cry”), and even a guitar solo reminiscent of the one on the same song. PAJAM’s pda guests to sing and hype up the cut with a deep growl. The dancing continues with the title track and the fun “Talkin Bout”.It’s no stretch to say that Total Attention is one of the most well-rounded releases of the year. 21:03 continue to show themselves as an industry force to be reckoned with.


Production: Variousalbum release date: July 22, 2008Zomba Gospel– reviewed by Dwayne Lacy for