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Transition Into Inauguration


We have eleven weeks until the Presidential inauguration but we have ten weeks of an intense course. In Joshua 3: 1-5, it’s the second time that the children of Israel crossed a body of water. The first time they crossed the Red Sea and the second time they crossed the Jordan River. What is very interesting is that what they were able to do at the Red Sea was not effective at the Jordan River. This transition will not be like any other transition that you have had in your life. You have to be prepared for a new set of instructions and rules because you are under a different body of water.

The first time when they found themselves getting ready to make a transition, it was after four hundred and thirty years of slavery but this time it’s after forty years in the wilderness. When you get through these eleven weeks, the first thing that you will do is stop walking in circles. At the end of eleven weeks, you are going to come to an end of the season of uncertainty. You will no longer have to walk by sight but by faith.

What is critically important to note is that Gad and half the tribe of Manasseh never crossed the Jordan River. This is important because all Israelites were God’s children but all of them were not prepared for the transition because their priority was in the wrong place. God is getting ready to leave some of you behind.

What these 11 Weeks are going to do for you:

  1. Joshua 3:1-You are going to have to wake up earlier than you normally do because this is going to drive you into a season of prayer, planning, and preparation.
  2. Joshua 3: 2-5 – You are going to have to face your Jordan. What is your Jordan? Your Jordan is something that you have to face that is out of your control-the entity that is impeding your progress. Facing this Jordan, you are going to have to make a critical decision: do I go back to the wilderness or do I risk drowning at the sake of trying to get to my promise?
  3. You are going to focus on God. Anybody in your intimate space who tries to come in between you and your worship will become barren. God wants you to have a standing date with Him daily and establish a consecrated day for fasting. All fasting is not from food but whatever you sacrifice from self pleasure (television, internet etc).
  4. Joshua 3:5 – You are going to face yourself. What would you change about yourself to be a better citizen of the kingdom? Many of us are not making progress because we are habitual liars to ourselves.
  5. Joshua 3:6 -You are going to move your faith forward. God wants you to see a reflection of your glory before He finishes writing the rest of your story.

The Joshua generation is different from the Moses generation because the Moses generation heard the promise but they did not have the faith so they died in the wilderness and those who came behind them were their children. We are the Joshua generation, the first post-civil rights generation. You have to be trained in the understanding of what happened to the generation that went before so that you do not repeat the same cycle of error.

The devil has eleven weeks to get rid of you but if you are able to stay alive until January 20, 2009, what God is going to do for Barrack Obama will not be locked into DC but every person that gets this word in their spirit and their hearts, there will be no secret what God will do. If He could do it for Barrack Obama then you are next in line to be inaugurated for your destiny. If you give God eleven weeks of your undivided attention, He will prepare you to change the entire world.