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Several years back we were experiencing record breaking deadly summer storms across the country. I find it so amazing the change in climates and how it has caused some major weather patterns that have been so damaging. I write about this because it is a simple reminder of how sometimes life has a way of taking turns that are beyond our control. As an adult having “no control” can sometimes be one of the most difficult places to be in life. Why did this happen to my family? How will this thing end? These are question we sometimes ask that many times we have no answer to. That’s why I want to draw your attention to the promises of God. One of the joys of being a believer and a child of God is the faithfulness of His promises even in challenging seasons. We can go down the list of great men and women of God who went through tremendous trials, yet holding on to the promise that God had given them. It is these great examples that give us a blue print on how we too ought to handle our current problems or challenges.

In particular Caleb in (Num. 13:30) told the complaining spies to “be quiet” because “we are well able to conquer the land.”  This statement is made after these spies began to talk more about the Giants then the promise land.  They were just about to enter the promise land that God had prepared for them. After EGYPT which represented “bondage” and “slavery” and the WILDERNESS which represented “transition” and “insufficiency” here was Caleb saying “we have a promise that is ours!” Sometimes you have to go back to the original promise that God has spoken over your life and remember that it’s yours for the taking. Yeah there maybe GIANTS (big problems) standing in the way of your promise but you can’t allow these problems to intimidate you.

One of the definitions of the word “intimidation” means to distract from God’s promise. So you can’t allow things to distract you from the awesome destiny that God has for you even if it sometime seems impossible. The only thing that can stop the promise in your life is you not accepting the truth that it can be yours if you don’t let your FAITH die. So hold on to your promise and know that each day God is opening a new door for you to obtain it and remember those “Giants” are falling.

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