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Mary Mary Season 2 Episode 2,  “Bachelorette Party ” was  should have been titled “The Complete Race Against Time”. The girls were headed out on a promotional tour exactly two weeks before Alana’s wedding.  Sister Alana, wanted her full bridal due! She was not going to share the services of stylist sister GooGoo with her sisters. “I’m gettng married!”

Erica had to deliver  the dangerous news to Mitch that Goo Goo was not going to be going with them to New York. Mitch was NOT pleased.  He reminded  Erica that he  “is  the manager of Mary Mary, not Alan’s wedding”.  He wouldn’t be going on this promotional trip and the girls would be on their own.  Meanwhile, Tina decides to invite her daughter with her to New York. This  means a full entertainment schedule. Tina is plumb tired and still must maintain enough  energy to perform that night.  GooGoo and Waryn’s sister Joi   interview strippers.

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The audition brings full blush to both ladies. Tina tries on jeans  that don’t fit. Erica reminds her that Goo Goo would have been a welcomed asset in New York.   Tina explains that she has  to sit down because the pregnancy was weighing her down a bit. The ladies fly back to L.A. and face the bachelorette party. Goo Goo explains to Tina what the young men entertainers would look like. Tina decides  to say no to hosting the party at her house. She was not going to risk her husband being angry. Teddy is clear that he is not going to have men  in his yard.  They throw the party with men in tow at a friend’s house. Alana has a great time!  The Mary’s end the episode hearing that they have a #1 album.

This week’s lesson was about communication. The ladies showed that keeping the family in the loop s essential. Informing Mitch of the unfortunate circumstance.  The other key is laughter. When you  laugh and talk everything will work out. It is just a matter of managing to balance everything.It also helps when you are willing to wear another hat! Tina sewing and Erica doling out chairs. Those are the things that make life a lot better.  You must also have healthy boundaries. Knowing hen to say no and on what is key. When was the last time you switched a hat?

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