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See what the Erica and Tina told Elev8 exclusively about the whole Goo Goo & Justin mess by clicking here Erica & Tina: Mitch Vs. Goo Goo [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

In tonight’s episode we saw Erica  try to celebrate with her husband. Tina  was being  supermom by getting on rides at 7 and 1/2 months. GooGoo bring her boyfriend Justin to a business trip. Alana was approaching bridezilla mode with her sisters. Justin  takes it upon himself to defend the honor of GooGoo.

Unfortunately, he speaks to Mitch while Mitch is on private time. It is a word to wise that a Mitch is off so little, that their personal space is just that. Mitch corrects Justin and promptly dismisses him with words of wisdom. “Don’t touch  me!”

Justin finally leaves  and tells a Goo Goo who is not pleased.

Meanwhile, Tina takes her daughter to an amusement park. She opts out of a ride that shakes her belly too much!  The ladies go on  to perform the show. Tina  hits the stage with exhaustion. So exhausted in fact, she sits down fora few minutes while Erica banters with the audience. Mitch expresses his concern.  Tina delivers a good performance

GooGoo grabs Mitch after the show. She tries to explain her side of the story. Mitch is still angry.

Tonight’s lesson was that sometimes you have to push through and get going.  There is also a time and a place  to deal with situations.  Justin volunteering to defend  Goo Goo’s honor was a typical of male bravado gone wrong. The correct thing was to tell Justin to never talk to Mitch because it is business. Business requires separation of personal and professional.  You can vent, but, let the person you vent to stay  out of the situation. That is definitely a good Godly lesson. Know your lane. Tina’s is mommy first. Erica’s is wife first. Mitch is manager.  What is your role? Do you carry it out?

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So… the ladies have a little confession for you!

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