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Bad news at the doctor, vacations with Warryn and talk of wedding rings leaves Mary Mary unprepared for a live performance. Is Goo Goo really engaged? The episode began with  the ladies in full schedule  mode. They get offered a performance tribute to Lionel Richie. Goo Goo holds down Alana’s  bridal shower.  Erica goes off to to her trip in Miami with  her husband to celebrate 11 years.  Before she goes she stops at the doctor’s office. The doctor  informs Erica that her blood pressure is very high.  The reality of a possible heart attack. Meanwhile Tina is in redecoration and renovation at her home. Ms. Honey is there to try and ground Tina.

Erica informs her husband that she has to change her diet and exercise. He informs her that an early retirement might be in the cards. Goo Goo delivers news that she and Justin are talking marriage.

The ladies head to New York to perform a tribute to Lionel Richie and discuss Essence Music Festival.  While rehearsing the music does not exactly jell the way it should. It leaves both Warryn and Mitch is full “concern and worry mode.” Sound-check goes awful. The performance does not go as well.

Tonight’s lesson is scheduling and time management is key. Your health comes first. Listen to your body and its needs.  If yo do not take care of your health you put everything at risk. Erica had this message delivered first hand. Alana learned that managing time for your marriage keeps it alive. The game gets hard but you have to continue. You have to schedule practice and prepare.  It is true for anything you do in life. Are there things in your life that you need to schedule time for?Make it happen and embrace that time as part of the necessary things to do.

Here is what Erica and Tina had to say:

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