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Alana hand in her resignation as nanny. Tina is given strict orders. She must get rest.  Goo must deal with Justin and his attitude towards her career. Justin challenges Goo Goo on her career. He tells her that “you are dating your phone.”  Goo Goo walks out her restaurant and they exchange words outside. Tina and Erica attend the Cinderella ball. Justin crashes the car and is late to pick up Goo Goo. Now, she will be late to Alana’s rehearsal. Alana feels abandoned by her sisters. She arrives at the venue and there is no one there. Warryn and Teddy take Des out for a bachelor party.  Justin does not show up for the guys.  The wedding day  arrives  and the ladies are OVERWHELMED! Their dad forgets  his tuxedo. Finally  lana marries Des. Alana has a beautiful reception.   Erica and Tina take Justin outside and have a hard heart to heart.

The lesson  given tonight from the Campbell sisters is that sometimes things are hard to say them, but someone has to say it.  Someone has to set the tine and pace and say what is right and wrong. Goo Goo should have asked Alana to hire someone to coordinate her wedding. Justin should have swallowed his pride and gotten to know Des and the rest. They are obviously a close family. Hedge your bets on knowing the culture. That is key. Before you venture into uncharted waters know the terrain.

The ladies had a bit to say about sisterhood. Watch below! The girls DO NOT HOLD THEIR WORDS!

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