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Four Simple Reasons Why He Won't Marry You



So many women have a fairytale dream of living happily ever after. Getting the knight in shining armor or having the glass slipper fit your foot. Unfortunately as many of you are aware, it doesn’t always work out that way. You’ve seen it. It may even be you. Being in a long-term relationship and constantly wonder why won’t he propose to you is something I’m sure no woman wants.

Maybe he has hinted around or flat out told you that he wants you to be his wife. Maybe he even refers to you as his “wifey.” But has he proposed? No. So with no other options left, you give him a ultimatum: Marry me or else! And ultimatums are rarely a good idea in situations like this.

Are you wondering what goes through a man’s mind in situations like this? To give you a better sense of what he’s really thinking, I am going to give a few reasons why he won’t marry you.

The Horse Before the Carriage

The age old expression ” Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” comes to mind here. In many situations, you live together, have a home and possibly a child. The reality is that there is no motivation for the man to get married at this point. He has everything that marriage offers, without the wedding, rings or picking out a groom’s cake.

It’s easy for a man to become extremely comfortable in a relationship like the example we gave. And if he is too comfortable, what’s the real incentive to get married? In a man’s eyes, he no longer sees a true benefit to becoming legally married. Everything that is usually done as a married couple has already been done, so in essence why get married?

Miss Independent

Today’s woman many times has no choice but to be independent. They may even have been forced in that situation by a man who has wronged her. But ladies, its important to know that your independence can be seen as a hindrance. Now, before I get hate mail, I’m not advising you to resort to Joan Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver. Yes, you both still need to be independent individuals so that together your union would be even stronger. But a man may feel that your independence will prohibit you from becoming one with him.

There many be times that he doesn’t feel needed in the relationship. You must know that it is essential in marriage for the husband to feel needed (and vice versa). Men are natural protectors and providers. So at times you need to be submissive and let him protect and provide for you. I know that the term submissive can be a dirty word to some women, but it is part of the give-and-take marriage requires. Every man needs his potential wife to detect and understand when to be submissive. And if he feels as if you really don’t need him for anything, why would he marry you?

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