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Tonight the ladies have to manage Tom Joyner show  appearance. Erica  and Tina have a full schedule. Mitch and the ladies  have a large disagreement. HUGE. One that is so intense that the ladies  are angry with hiu.  Mitch ants them to produce at the level he knows that they can. They think  that  he is being extra hard. The label doesn’t want to hear anything but the girls  saying they are going.  The ladies manage  to put on a show.  The  girls perform even though the sound goes out.

Mitch tries to get the sound together. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen.  After leaving the Tom Joyner show they head to  TD Jakes.  The last words exchanged between Mitch and Erica is not one of love which leaves Mitch standing in the hall saying ” I just want to pretend this never happened.

Meanwhile, GooGoo is talking to Justin. The ladies go to the TD Jakes event and blow the roof off. Erica, Tina and  Mitch

They head to sound-check at Bishop Jakes event. Justin advises Goo Goo to say no. Goo Go and Erica exchange words. The team sits down to talk.

The lesson for tonight is even though we may be angry at times,  there is someone on your team that still has your back.  Mitch has the ladies. They may fuss and they may fight but it the best part is knowing that you always have someone to push for you with you. Have you looked at your team. The other side  of the issue is that you should  manage the words you use.

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