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From the ebb and flow of the ocean to the rest and contractions of labor, the world, our bodies, nature exists in cycles. A colleague of mine shared with me an interesting theory: “We judge our successes based on a society that expects us to always be on.”

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On, in this case, refers to our ability to produce. Our ability to put ourselves out there and take what is ours. The issue here is that we all work in cycles. Just as the sun rises and sets, there are cycles within us that we must follow. Sure, there is a time and place for our aggressive wins, but when we need rest, how do we measure that in our result-based society?

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Rest is essential to maintain optimum performance during our go-get-’em cycle. If we do not take the time to replenish, we will overload our system and create stress or sickness. Our best option is to really begin to listen to our bodies and respect our cycles. All of our answers reside within us, yet we rarely take a moment to be still and listen.

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